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At Algorithm Zero, we train beginners to understand programming in a very simple way. We make use of Javascript and Python to teach progrmming. We also build APPs. Subscribe to our Facebook Page to get updated with our new apps.

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Our pricing is simple, for lessons we charge per lesson based on class size

A class size of less than 10 people is R250 per lesson

A class size of 10 to 25 people is R75 per lesson

For other tutoring, our rate is R400 per hour

For technical support in website hosting and other programming projects, we charge R600 an hour per developer


We offer Programming Basics course and Advanced Programming.

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»Programming Bascis

We teach Programing Basics over 5 weeks with 2 sessions per week.

1. Variables and Data Types

2. Operators

3. Functions

4. Boolean Expressions

5. Lists

6. Loops

7. Practicals

8. Practicals

9. Python Specific Rules

10. Python Specific Rules

»Programming Advanced

We aim to understand client server model with Python server and JavaScript client.

1. Client Server

2. Python Modules

3. Python http server

4. Python http server continued

5. Testing with Postman

6. Simple client setup

7. MySQL intro

8. Registration workflow

9. Registration workflow continued

9. Login workflow

10. State management

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You can start writing JavaScript code in the command line, end your code with & if it must continue to next line when writing if statements or functions

e.g let y = 10
let z = y + 10



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